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Timbrel Chyatee

Timbrel Chyatee

I always get excited when Lush Bazaar gains a new follower/fan! My dream for Lush Bazaar started during my stay in small village India where I volunteered as an English teacher, cared for leprosy patients and worked with children in an orphanage. I wanted to find a way to give a sustainable income to the underprivileged. Of course, what better way to do it then through fashion. I love fashion, creating my own style and mixing my east meets west cultures together. I’m good at a lot of things but, fashion is definitely what I am best at. So I chose to create a socially conscious fashion line that aims to inspire and empower my staff, and clients. So I jumped right in, free falling into a fashion, inspiration, indo-western, social enterprise mashup, and I’ve never looked back. I put a lot of time into designing each item, with the perfect east meets west style, and my amazing staff creates the beautiful pieces. Each piece tells a story, a story filled with love, inspiration, empowerment, and strength. When you buy a piece of from Lush Bazaar you are part of the story. I hope you find a story you like, and if you don’t, contact me, and maybe I can design you something special.

Timbrel Chyatee